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Custom Aerial Drone Photography and Video | Madison, Wisconsin

Need professional drone photography or video from a FAA Part 107 certified pilot in the surrounding Madison, Wisconsin area? Look no further!


Why aerial?

  • Residential real-estate

  • Commercial real-estate

  • Insurance documentation

  • Memories and gifts

Why me?

It's just me, not a big company, so I have the time to work with you to find the right end result.

All properties and jobs are unique, so I will work with you to determine your needs and the right balance between professional and creative.



High-resolution photos

4K videos

  • Cardinal directions from 2 different altitudes (at least 16 photos)

  • Top down from high altitude (1-2 photos)

  • Front angles (3 photos)

  • 360° orbit around property

  • Stable tracking left to right

  • Rocket up looking straight down

  • Pull away from the front of building



  • Any package or shot list can be customized

  • Assets will be returned within 24 hours in a RAW and/or JPEG format with no edits or retouching

  • Edited photos can be requested for $50 extra per job

  • A $20 travel fee will be added for jobs 20-50 miles from the Wisconsin State Capitol

  • Travel costs are negotiable for jobs 50+ miles from Madison, Wisconsin. I'm always looking for travel opportunities!

  • If the end result is not what you expect, I will do unlimited reshoots until it's right


Note: some locations, shots, or altitudes may not allow flight due to FAA restrictions. I will notify you right away if a job will not be possible or will require advanced planning with FAA waivers.

Ready to work together?

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